Saturday, September 28, 2019

Prisoners including minor girls are sentenced to rape by Iran's regime as a reward for police officers

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Watch: Reports of Rape and Torture of prisoners in Iran.
Women’s rights activists break the silence despite the danger in doing so.
As you can see in the interview below, the Iranian human rights activists who fled to the United States describes how the Iranian terror regime commits crimes against humanity against opponents of the regime and their families including minor children.
Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims, women's rights activities and even artists, singers, dancers, etc.
There is no freedom for the women of Iran.
Iran has the worst human rights record in the world.
The UN literally promotes and protects the Iranian terrorist regime which cruelly violates women's rights on a regular basis.
Instead of condemning Iran for a violation of women's rights, the UN has given Iran a seat on the human rights panel .

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