Saturday, September 14, 2019

Top Muslim leader in Germany Declares loyalty to Iran, says they are proud "terrorists"

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Friday sermon in a Münster, Germany Shiite Mosque: "We Have Pledged Allegiance to Khamenei (Iran's supreme leader); We Are Accused of Terrorism and Are Proud of It (Archival)"
On December 25, 2018 a video of a ceremony at the Imam Mahdi Zentrum Shiite mosque in Münster, Germany was uploaded to the mosque's Facebook page. A man recited the following message: "[Oh Mahdi,] our hearts [and] our swords are with you… [The fate of] our children, our women, and the men of the Lord [is] laid upon your threshold… The soil of Yemen has been watered with their blood in the confrontation with the Zionists and the takfiris… In Syria and Iraq, we have written in blood that victory is coming… [We strive] for martyrdom on the day of glory… Death in your cause is the gate to Heaven… We have pledged our allegiance to the Jurisprudent Ruler [Khamenei].
We are soldiers willing to sacrifice our lives for Nasrallah. We belong to the party of [Khomeini]… We have been accused of being terrorists - we are proud of terrorism… We are the Shiites [and] we will only die free."

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