Friday, June 19, 2020

Pakistani-Muslim mob cheers while burning 7-year-old girl to death over "blasphemy"

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The report below gives a small glimpse into the brutal persecution of Non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan, which is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Pakistani Muslim mob randomly burned to death Non-Muslim woman member of a religious sect and two of her granddaughters (7-year-old girl and her baby sister) after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook.
In Pakistan, which is well known for its barbaric blasphemy laws, Non-Muslims are often falsely accused of blasphemy. Christians often walk on eggshells to avoid such charges, since once they’re levied, no Christians are safe — not even the families of the accused and the entire community.
U.N. Human Rights Council members today include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Qatar etc. Countries where child marriage, forced marriage, honor killings and Domestic violence are social norms.
Western countries must cut their foreign aid to the corrupt United Nations.

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