Wednesday, March 24, 2021

CNN slammed for portraying a Muslim shooter as "victim of Islamophobia"

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As you can see in the post embedded below, Brave activist and former Miss Iraq slams CNN for portraying the shooter Ahmad Al-Issa as "victim of Islamophobia".
10 killed in shooting attack at Colorado supermarket.
The gunman was identified as Ahmad Al-Issa, a migrant from Syria who routinely complained about Donald Trump, “racism” and “Islamophobia” on his Facebook page, which was swiftly deleted.
As you can see in the reports below, the shooter was anti-Trump and had promoted pro-refugee, anti-Islamophobia activism.
Shockingly, Joe Biden used his first day in office to destroy his predecessor's immigration policies. It started with lifting Trump's Travel Ban which prevented the entry of immigrants and refugees from terror-laden countries like Syria and Iraq.
Trump’s immigration restrictions came in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks all over the West.

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